Biochar as part of soil improvement

Biochar is produced in pyrolysis process in temperatures over 450 deg C, to ensure its key properties for carbon sink and water and nutrient storage. Biochar has been used globally in farming with good results. Its use is increasing in new areas due to carbon credits. 

Properties of biochar

  • Water storing, 600 liters in one cubic meter of char 
  • Storing of nutrients around roots for a long time 
  • Good growth environment for microbes with air supply in structure

Benefits / added values

  • Faster growth of plants  
  • Higher yields with improved quality 
  • Irrigation and fertilisation decreases 
  • Biochar is extremely effective with organic nutrients

Use of biochar

  • Faster growth 
  • Higher yield with better quality
  • Less need for irrigation and nutrients
  • Also increased microbial activity in growth media speeds up natural carbon storage 

Main impacts come from the storage of water and nutrients, but many additional benefits provided: 

  • Char stores carbon for a very long time, and therefore additional income comes from carbon credits, 1 tn Biochar stores 2,8 ton CO2 
  • Soil bacteria activity is boosted by the air within biochar pores among other things, therefore the plant remains decompose faster and the organic carbon content increases in the soil: faster to organic farming
  • Char increases the PH of the soil, good for microbes also 
  • Adsorbtion of nitrates and pesticides, heavy metals etc cleans the soil 
  • Emissions of nitrous oxides decrease due to the storage in char 
  • The soil density gets lighter, decreasing also the energy needed for plowing; fuel savings

Use in animal feed as additive the digestion bacteria is activated with positive results: 

  • Animals wellbeing is improved and diseases are decreased
  • Reduction of piglet deaths
  • Harmful substances in the feed are adsorbed 
  • In Germany the anuimal feed is using the highest volume of biochar
  • Storing of water and nutrients by biochar
  • Improves the quality of golf courses and other plantations
  • Decreases the frequency of irrigation and nutrient additions
  • Utilization of rain water improves
  • Plantations (trees) on park avenues in Stockholm for 15 years a major flood storage
  • Cooling of city air by trees with less irrigation
  • Lanscaping of used mines etc
Soilcare neuvonta


Without biochar

With biochar