SoilCare Oy

Solutions to environmental challenges using biochar

SoilCare provides biochar, its production technology and innovative concepts with positive impacts to economy and environment.

Biochar acts as a water and nutrient reservoir in the soil and growing media. In this way, the plants get both water and nutrients better. Water stays longer where it is most needed – in the plant’s root system. In addition, nitrogen and other nutrients bind to the soil along with biochar, and plants can use it more efficiently when needed. In this case, the transport of nutrients into the water bodies decreases, as does eutrophication and the growth of algae.  

The use of biochar increases in bio-processes such as composting and biogas production because it enhances the activity of bacteria. When added to animal feed, biochar prevents diseases and improves animal well-being. 

Using biochar also saves the climate, because biochar creates a permanent carbon sink. The use of biochar in gas and water filtration and in many high-tech applications such as batteries and fuel cells is increasing. 

Profit improvements

Yield increase on farms and green houses 

Heat generation from less valuable biomass 

Circulation and savings in fertilizers 

Savings in irrigation through water storage 

Carbon Credit of Biochar an increasing asset 

Manufacturing for own use and sales of BC to growing markets 

Impact on global challenges

Permanent carbon storage 

Savings of diminishing global water resources 

More efficient food production along increasing drought 

Savings in nutrients and fertilizers 

More efficient biogas production


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