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With over 20 years of experience, mobile devices for financial and 
environmentally friendly production of biochar.

Manufacturing methods

Biochar is created in the pyrolysis process, where biomass is heated in an oxygen-free environment at a temperature of 350-700°C. SoilCare’s devices are batch-operated and are based on slow pyrolysis, producing air-harmful compounds from biochar. The porous structure of biochar and an internal surface area of more than 800 m2/g enable its properties to be adjusted according to the purpose of use.

The choice of raw material and processing process has significant effects on the properties of biochar; a high pyrolysis temperature makes biochar more resistant to decomposition, while a lower temperature preserves more nutrients, which is beneficial in, for example, soil conditioners. The heat generated in the process can be utilized in a variety of ways, for example in heating the biogas process, drying biomass or heating buildings.

Biochar can be produced economically for own use or for sale through the network. Our cooperation with the experienced boiler-manufacturer Ariterm Service Oy enables efficient heat recovery in our mobile devices.

Manufacturing equipment

A 1700 combined with heat production
Amacee 1700
  • Biomass supply 10 m³/batch run
  • Biochar yield 3-5.5 m³
  • Heat output up to 4000kWh / batch run
  • Distillates approx. 800-1000 L, tar approx. 80-160L
  • The weight of the plant is 7.5 t
  • Integrated system automated, remote access via laptop
  • Collect the distillates and tar
  • Condensed water energy 500 kWh / batch run
  • Easily moveable cages
  • A 1700 can be combined with heat production
1700 and heat recovery
Drying container

Utilization of generated energy

We have cooperated with the experienced boiler manufacturer Ariterm Service Oy, which has enabled efficient heat recovery for our mobile device. The heat generated in the process can be utilized in a variety of ways. It can be used for heating the biogas process, drying biomass or heating buildings.

Amacee 800
  • Biomass supply 0.4 – 0.8 m³/batch run
  • Biochar yield 400 L
  • Tank for condenser cooling water
  • Distillate and tar in total approx. 10-20 L (no possibility of separation)
  • The weight of the plant is approx. 300 kg
  • Forklift tines adapted, lifting with an external machine

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